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It is the goal of Bar C Publishing and Distribution to promote unique books and gifts suitable for all ages.

Bar C is a small publishing and distribution company which promotes only pre-approved web sites and merchandise. It is our goal to encourage life skills, true worth and re-discover the value of self.

Currently we are offering.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After All, an inspirational western genre story set in 1846, a mother and daughter travel by wagon train across the rugged American West. The story covers the difficult and totally unexpected loss of the patriarch of the family and we learn how a mother copes when she is faced with few choices and unimaginable hardship. The charactures develope and strengthen as love, loss and ignorance are faced and overcome. Mary and Aggie find hope and believe in something when there is no reson left to believe in anything. For mother and daughter redemption and salvation comes in different forms, all while battling natural elements and a fiercesome nomadic tribe, each fighting just to survive and searching for their place in an ever changing unpredictable world.

After All is one in a series of four books, comming soon in 2012 is Forget Me Not, which carries on the story of Mary Aggie and the man they have always know as Bear. Bear's name becomes known to them as Matthew Just though just Mathew he is proved not to be.

As past catches up with present The Justice is forced to ride again...


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ISBN10  0-615-12886-6

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After All Is Said and Done. Is truly a self help journal, designed and written by a mother who tragically lost her only child, she takes us by the hand and leads us down a path that is usually walked alone. With headings to encourage thoughts and reflection. Using your own words you may revisit fond memories and re-live happier times. The journal may become your secret friend, there is nothing that cannot be written, it will not reveal your thoughts unless you choose to share them. It gives a voice to your inner most thoughts, without censor or recrimination.  You too will discover that there can be a fulfilling, guilt free life after losing a loved one.

The Journal is as much a gift to the giver as it is to the receiver. It will be given by someone who wants to help but doesn't know what to do, some one who cares but doesn't know what to say.

After All Is Said and Done, does both.

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ISBN13 978-0-9797512-0-2            ISBN10 0-9797512-0-9

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Bar C Publishing and Distribution is happy to announce a message of hope and faith, with a new line of cards with a custom design on the envelope. The card is 5 1/2' X 4 1/2' and is evocative and compassionate in both thought and design. The inside is blank so sentiment can be handwritten and personalized to meet any and all needs or circumstances. 

How many angels do you see?

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They're here!

A large play rug thoughtfully designed, marking that special day when both Hope and Faith are fulfilled.  Each rug has either Hope or Faith (Your choice) embroidered in a corner; in the opposite corner is an embroidered cross. Hidden among the two different designs are Angels, not at first obvious but there all the same. Each rug is approximately  48’ X 39’ (inches, slight variations in size.)             

How many Angels do you see?

Price Retail: $125.00 each. ( + shipping ) to order or for special request for specific fabric designs. Sail boats, horses, ocean, flowers etc.  Please e-mail me at  I will do my best to meet all your request.





Christmas 2011, presents and gifts were donated to a church member who was going through tough times. A single parent who needed a little bit of a helping hand. The lady who gave the unexpected gifts, a few days before Christmas, said the lady who recieved them cried. She hadn't known what she was going to do for her little girl as she didn't have any spare money for gifts. Bar C was glad to be able to help.


Bar C Publishing and Distribution is also excited to announce the comming of a new product line of baby clothes, a wonderful gift for new souls comming into this world. Unique and custom designed for that special little someone. 

Keep an eye on the site for more details comming soon!


Remember, to have hope means to believe in something when there is no reason left to believe in anything.


True worth and value of self is not dictated by others. The singular most important voice is your own.

 The power of the pen can be as mighty as the deed.

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